Erin Nicole Ministries was inspired through actual events. Winter of 2020 Erin was digitally compromised and 2 businesses were shut down. Her home was broken into that same week as she had turned in someone for a wellness check to have their mental health evaluated. That person had premeditated plans of murdering their family member and she was not about to stand by and allow it to happen. Sadly she became the target when authorities did not follow through with the requested wellness check. Her landlord at the time strongly and repeatedly suggested Erin seek safe housing as she was afraid for Erin's safety. Her ex-husband was mentally unstable during most of their marriage and attempted to kill her on multiple occasions. Erin finally listened to her advice and wound up in safe housing. During this time, Erin met an elderly veteran that took her under his wing..

He listened to Erin when most of the local authorities had written her off. He reached out to his community of Veterans and First Responders and they all agreed to help Erin. These were complete strangers but they had one thing in common; faith. He said he was open to supporting Erin because she held her Bible. They also restored all of Erin's business technologies which allowed her to get back on track with her mental health business and social media educational business. She could never repay them for their service but she's going to try through her gifts!

Every month in 2021 we hosted online concerts to entertain and to build community for like minded professionals. It is estimated that Veterans and First Responders are 10x more likely to contemplate suicide or finish the deed. We hoped to decrease these stats through our joined efforts. We measured mood pre-post experiences and the results from those who submitted the post-survey are positive. More than that, over 100+ volunteers in 26+ countries helped Erin launch this nonprofit with $0 budget and extremely limited donations.

In 2022 that focus is on Edutainment of those who work directly with Veterans and First Responders. Erin developed a new offering called: Real Entertainment Therapy Experience®️ (or RETE®️ for short). The goal of RETE®️ is to improve in the treatment of patients and people with depression in the medical and work sectors. The RETE®️ experience is a quarterly 4-hour Online Medical/Musical Conference including: an opening and closing address on the topics: Mindset (February), Community (May), Fitness (August) and Music (December). Following the opening address is an hour of original music from guest musicians from a variety of genres. Following the music is a breakout session time just like you'd go to a professional conference and have breakout rooms. Our goal is to provide edutainment through the business, military, medical, and family sectors from those who are great examples of leading in these areas. After the breakout edutainment portion is another hour of original music by Erin Nicole (releasing new never before released music). Finally the keynote speaker closes out the experience with final remarks, questions and leaves the audience with an opportunity to connect with them for further opportunities.

The BIG Goal is to get this RETE®️ accredited through the Joint Commission. In order to do this, Erin Nicole Ministries needs data, statisticians, money to pay for accreditation and connections to the Joint Commission to gain their attention.

We recently launched our 1st successful RETE®️ with 65,000+ patients invited from the Joint Chiropractic office although some technical professional hackers prevented the emails from being sent. Nonetheless the invitation was provided to Erin for FREE from her Veteran Doctor at her local office. Because of his kindness, The Joint Chiropractic receives free promotions all year long. Those that were in attendance during the launch will receive compensation through the sale of the NFT recording once the website that sells NFTs allows for a nonprofit card to be used. Erin is not keeping any money from the 1st launch nor the release of her first Music EP: Love Conquers All that is also ready to be sold as an NFT. Again technical professional hackers are preventing her from gifting the sale by not allowing her information to be uploaded onto the site. The US Government will receive first monies on all sales of NFTs so this is not just hurting the 100+ volunteers, it is delaying money that could fund the United States.

All things are in the complete control of The Creator.

The next RETE®️ is in May 2022 date TBD once our keynote speaker accepts the invitation. Again technical professional hackers are blocking the messaging from going through but The Creator is in Control of All and will handle all details. We hope to be able to see you at the FREE Global Community Event! It will be recorded and You'll be a part of a history-making white paper research that will be the 1st Global Entertainment Therapy once we refine it and develop an automated system for it. Imagine how many entertainers there are in the world that can benefit from your contributions and feedback?! Please follow Erin Nicole on all Major Social Media for the Official Release Invitation and Survey to help us gather appropriate data for the Joint Commission.

If you're a Veteran, First Responder, retired from either, family member, doctor or other medical/business professional that works directly with Veterans and First Responders, please reach out so we can add you to the invite list!

Also, we have 3 Board Member positions open so please check out or Team page and see if its of interest to you. Priority goes to Active Duty or Retired from the Military and First Responder Status but all are welcome to submit interest requests.
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